How to choose the right Scuba diving gear for you!

We get asked loads of different questions in the dive shop every day. So what we have decided to do is give you our local divers some of the answers to the common questions.

What dive gear will best suit me?

This is a really hard one, because every diver is different and we are all different shapes and sizes. A wettie or a BCD that fits one person will not fit another in exactly the same way. We would always recommend to try your equipment on before you purchase, that is why we have teamed up with Dive HQ Christchurch as one of our retail dive partners so if you need to try gear on you can.

How do I know from all the Scuba brands out their which one in the best for me?

Ultimately reputable brands are the best for you to look at. Online dive equipment is everywhere and sometimes you do not know where you are getting it from.

Consumers keep looking for the best price and a lot of the time not all is as good as it would seam. Many cheap dive brands are out their and they do not offer followup and service parts like the main scuba brands. They use inferior plastics and metals that do not hold up to UV and sea conditions.

So when you look at Scuba equipment in New Zealand then you want to look for dive brands like Oceanic, Aqualung, Scubapro, Apeks, Beuchat, Rod Allen and Hollis. If you stick with the best you will dive safer and enjoy your underwater dive experience more.

What is the cheapest dive equipment to get me in the water diving?

Cheap dive gear and cheap dive equipment is not always the best way to look at your new purchase. The best way in our opinion is to look at how much can i afford to buy the best scuba equipment for my budget.

There are certainly areas that we can save money in, like purchase of a BCD or snorkel. then we have dive equipment categories that we want to spend the most on, like our dive regulator (regs) and our wetsuit. Remembering that we want to be warm while diving and that the regulator is our safety equipment and enabling us to breathe while scuba diving.

We hope this helps you a little in your decision where to buy scuba equipment from in New Zealand. Please feel free to message us or call on 0800 348347

Talk soon and safe diving,

scubaGEAR dive team

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