Mahi Koura 20L Float

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Mahi Koura 20L Float

Mahi Koura 20L Float 

Colours: Orange, Yellow, Pink

Weight: 1.2kg

The Kōura (crayfish) is the ultimate coastal light weight high pressure float. It is smallest float in the MAHI fleet but its size, shape and weight allow for easy towing and the 37mm stainless D-rings allow for solid anchor points for your floatline, catch bag or cray snares. At 20l and a rating of 15psi it is built kiwi-tough and can handle the rough and rocky country NZ shore diving is often known for. These floats are easy to inflate and deflate, making travel either here or abroad, an absolute breeze made only easier by the easy carry handle. The bungee storage is great for a coiled floatline, drink bottle, attack a PLB etc

Manufactured using military grade, double skinned PVC and the finest drop stitch materials gives us a stronger, lighter, high quality high pressure float which is built and designed to compete on the world stage. This is a float we are proud of. 

Our MAHI floats come with a bunch of extras (RRP $45.00)

These Include

Repair Kit 

- 2 x patches 

- Glue 

- Valve / Compressor Adapter 

- Valve Key 


Flag Kit 

- Base 

- Mast

- Alpha Flag


"MAHI - Get the Treats"

Price: $269.00