Floatline with Threader

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Floatline with Threader

Don't let the fish get away and loose your speargun!

The Float Line with Stringer is a must-have piece of accessory for serious spearfishing and freediving. You can quickly strings fish onto the floatline, causing no delay in diving and allowing you to spear more effectively Simply thread the rod through the gills and through the mouth of the fish, pull the cord through and flip the fish into the rear of the kayak and your catch is now contained securely. Easy! Available in 10 to 30-metre lengths.

Fish Stringers Features:

  • Stainless needle and thread
  • Made from polypropylene rope (floats)
  • Stainless steel rod and attachment clip
  • Shark Clip
  • Length: 10, 15, 20 & 30m

Price: $27.00

Floatline Length

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